I’m going to show you some tips and techniques that I use to basic horse care.

Another thing that you want to do on a daily basis is make sure that you are grooming your horse.

This would ensure that your horse does not have any sweat or any dirt matted to it that could lead to skin fungal problem or sores or anything of that nature.

Also to you want to make sure that you are applying coat conditioner.

If your horse has a really dull coat or has any specific skin problems or skin conditions, you want to make sure that you are treating your horse for that.

So just by grooming you are ensuring a nice healthy coat and you are stimulating blood flow in your horse.

So a couple of really key brushes to taking care of your horse is a curry comb.

This we are going to use in a circular motion on the horse like this.

This would loosen any sweat or dirt that might be matted deep down to the fur, deep down to the skin that can lead to any problems.

This is a stiff bristle brush, so after we have curry we can just take this in a short flicking motion and this would remove any dirt, sweat or anything that was crested to our horses coat, that we just loosen with the curry comb.

This is a finishing brush, this is a really soft bristle so this is good for brushing the face or moving over after we have gone over with the stiff brush.

This would smooth the hair and give your horse a really nice shine and remove any dust that may be laying in the surface.

So these are a couple of great brushes that you could use to keep your horse nice and health on a daily basis.

So in conclusion, you want to make sure you are keeping your horses coat nice and clean so grooming is important to horse care.